the langley's

Meet the Langley's

Pura Vida Homes & Design is a husband & wife team of Todd and Staci Langley with many years of combined experience in the custom residential building industry with a focus on timeless design details and beautiful finishes. Beyond our work as home builders, we are proud Texans, who feel blessed that we can live in the beauty of the Hill Country enjoying the lifelong memories created on the Highland Lakes area with family and friends. Together, we have a persistent commitment to our homeowners where passion and creativity meet to form a dynamic duo ready to redefine the homebuilding industry. Most importantly, we truly love what we do and look forward to meeting you.

Our Mission

At Pura Vida Homes & Design we are dedicated to creating a lifelong partnership with our homeowners that aligns with our passion to build homes with exceptional quality, craftsmanship and innovative design. We strive to create a building experience that is streamlined and stress-free so that our homeowners can reflect back on the process positively with a high level of satisfaction because building your dream home shouldn’t be complicated.

Vision Statement

  1. To ensure we provide an efficient and value-minded approach to our homeowners throughout the Hill Country that delivers top notch service and quality.
  2. We strive to go above and beyond the build making sure every detail is executed thoroughly while keeping an open line of communication with our customers.
Our Values
commitment to excellence

Together we can be the cream of the crop; the best of the best.

detail oriented

Details aren’t just simply details, they’re everything that makes a home yours.

collaborative design

Creating a personalized design that is a direct reflection of your lifestyle together.

lasting relationships

Delivering an unprecedented building experience that goes beyond construction.